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Musical Baby Bonding Programme

The Musical Baby Bonding (MBB) Programme was carefully designed to help and teach parents how to achieve and nurture the bond with their new born babies through singing, playing musical instruments, movement and dancing.

The programme’s collection of baby songs, short symmetrical rhymes, tiny musical instruments and miniature play-time situations is new and unique in its presentation and interpretation. Its holistic approach recognizes the developmental picture in which the newborn’s needs meet the parent’s natural and strong will to fulfil them.


As research shows, both parents and babies benefit enormously from mutual musical experiences. In babies they enhance communication skills, support meaningful eye contact, build up listening skills and promote language acquisition; and in parents, above all other things, they nurture the deepest parental feeling – Bonding.

As music brings pleasure to all human beings, parent & baby can easily and playfully learn and develop with and within the MBB Programme in parent & baby groups and through private sessions in person or online.


Online Self-Study Course for Professionals

The aim of the programme is to introduce professionals to another way of supporting new parents in building good relationship with their babies from the first weeks after birth, and we focus on doing this by singing. We encourage parents and carers to sing familiar childhood songs in their mother tongue and their own natural voice.
By following the MBB Course for Professionals you will learn what relationship/bonding between the mother and her baby involves and how the parent’s singing contributes to the building of a good and healthy relationship with the baby and indeed, to the whole of baby’s development.

Accordingly, we focus on:

  • Why sing?
  • What to sing?
  • When to sing?
  • How to sing?
  • What to expect in terms of the baby’s responses during the singing?
  • How to respond to the baby’s responses and changing moods during the singing?

In any other language than English, the learning process involves translation and searching for repertoire in your mother tongue or the language of the community you live and work in.

The MBB for Professionals includes video demonstrations in English and Hebrew which give you the opportunity to watch and thoroughly learn MBB’s special way of communicating and playing with very young babies. In addition, you will get to know the repertoire and its principles and to see the collection of the tiny musical instruments – all unique to our programme.

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Orly Zalel

Orly is the creator of Musical Baby Bonding programme. She is  a music educator, developmental music expert, children’s songs researcher, lecturer in colleges and birth and postnatal doula. Orly holds a B.Ed in music education and M.A in music, and is a qualified Multi-Track music teacher.

During the first twenty years of her long career Orly developed educational music programmes for the early years, taught music in kindergartens and mothers & toddlers groups, and lectured in teacher training colleges, notably at MusicInMovementMusic Educators Training Centre which she founded.

In 2005 Orly created and produced the DVD BabySong. Unique and first of its kind, the DVD guided parents and day carers in how to bond with their baby through singing, music and movement. In 2009 Orly created the Musical Baby Bonding (MBB) Programme for parents and the MBB Teacher Training Programme. The programme has become known around the world, notably in Serbia, USA, Italy, Israel, Sweden and the UK. In 2024 the MBB Training Programme was published in a new format – MBB Online Self-Study Course for Professionals.

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