Orly Zalel

Orly is the creator of Musical Baby Bonding programme. She is  a music educator, developmental music expert, children’s songs researcher, lecturer in colleges and birth and postnatal doula. Orly holds a B.Ed in music education and M.A in music, and is a qualified Multi-Track music teacher.

During the first twenty years of her career Orly developed educational music programmes for the early years, taught music in kindergartens and mothers & toddlers groups, and lectured in teacher training colleges, notably at MusicInMovementMusic Educators Training Centre which she founded.

In 2005 Orly created and produced the DVD BabySong. Unique and first of its kind, the DVD guides parents and day carers in how to bond with their baby from day one through singing, music and movement. In 2009 Orly created the Musical Baby Bonding (MBB) programme which includes mothers & babies groups, the MBB Kit & Guide, and the MBB teacher training programme. The programme has become known around the world, notably in Serbia, USA, Italy, Israel, Australia and the UK.

תמונת הדיוידי

Today Orly spends her time teaching the MBB programme, guiding parents, training teachers and instructors, and continuing her ongoing learning of babies’ communication development and parental bonding. She is a postnatal consultant specializing in early parent-baby communication and bonding, a special advisor and senior trainer at Sound Children UK and developmental music expert at Tiny Love.

Please, feel free to contact Orly through orlybabymusic@gmail.com

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