Training Courses

We run online training courses for individuals . The training will be delivered one-to-one by Orly Zalel, the creator of the programme.

Training course Level 1: for mothers, baby professionals, postnatal doulas and baby massage instructors. Upon successful completion the student will be qualified to run one-to-one sessions with new mothers and babies, and will be awarded the Musical Baby Bonding One-to-One Instructor certificate.

Training course Level 2: for experienced music educators and music therapists. Upon successful completion the student will be qualified to run the Musical Baby Bonding courses for groups of up to 8 babies aged 9-19 weeks, and will be awarded the Musical Baby Bonding Teacher certificate.

Costs and materials

Level 1: the course fee of £650 includes Skype tutorials, unlimited online support and a small Trainee Kit.

Levels 2: the course fee of £850 includes Skype tutorials, unlimited online support and a big Trainee Kit.
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