The MBB Programme


The Musical Baby Bonding (MBB) programme was carefully designed to help and teach parents how to achieve and nurture the bond with their new born babies through singing, playing musical instruments, movement and dancing.

The programme’s collection of baby songs, short symmetrical rhymes, tiny musical instruments and miniature play-time situations is new and unique in its presentation and interpretation. Its holistic approach recognizes the developmental picture in which the newborn’s needs meet the parent’s natural and strong will to fulfil them.


As research shows, both parents and babies benefit enormously from mutual musical experiences. In babies they enhance communication skills, support meaningful eye contact, build up listening skills and promote language acquisition; and in parents, above all other things, they nurture the deepest parental feeling – Bonding.

As music brings pleasure to all human beings, parents and babies can easily and playfully learn and develop with and within the MBB Programme through 4 week courses for parents and babies, private sessions in person or online.

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