One of the most important human contacts is the eye contact. The natural way to help build eye contact within our babies is to look into their eyes with bright facial expressions and smiles, and provide a constant stream of words, sounds and song. As you can see in the clip, these methods allow the baby to receive a strong and sensual stimulus – thereby responding by holding his concentration and outstanding meaningful eye contact.


From the first minutes they are born, all babies hear and identify with their mother’s voice. Their eyes are directed towards the mother and they take a lot of interest in the various mouth shapes that change through singing and speaking. As it is shown in the clip, in order to emphasize the formative stimulus, we have to slow the singing down and to exaggerate the pronunciation of the words.




A baby’s attentiveness develops from listening to various sounds and following interesting movements. Along with the sound of loving human voices, the best sounds come from natural musical instruments. These instruments produce mellow and soothing sounds because of the material they are made from. As you will see in the clips below, the objects in the programme have distinctive sounds and movements.





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